One of our aims as a Citizens Advice Bureau is to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.
We collect evidence of clients’ problems and use this, in the form of anonymous case studies, to campaign for changes in national and local policies and services. We have a key role in speaking up for clients, raising issues brought into the bureau, contributing to public debate and informing legislation.
Our policy/campaign work covers a wide range of issues including consumer, debt, housing, benefits, immigration, employment, legal matters and health.
We are independent and impartial so policymakers listen to us.
Current campaigns
Fair Welfare campaign
We are working to influence welfare benefit policies so that the system is just and efficient, supporting those who need it, when they need it most.  At the moment we are concentrating on two key issues:
Employment and Support Allowance
Since its introduction in 2008, there have been concerns about how this benefit is administered.  The medical reports used to assess whether a claimant is entitled to ESA have caused a number of problems. If you are in the process of applying for ESA, or are about to apply, and have not yet had a work capability assessment, you can help us by taking part in a survey to assess the accuracy of your medical report.  You can do this on line here .
Housing Benefit
The proposed cuts to Housing Benefit and local housing allowance announced in the Government’s 2010 Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review, will affect the majority of housing benefit claimants in private rented property in some way.  These cuts could have serious impact on some people, creating a shortfall in housing benefit payments.  The proposals of most concern are those that limit local housing allowance for single people under 35 and reductions in housing benefit for those on Jobseekers Allowance for more than 12 months.  If these proposals are likely to affect you and your family, you might like to write to your MP.  Template letters are available here  for you to adapt, print off and send to your MP.
Other ways to get involved…
You may also want to contact your local MP or councillor, yourself, about an issue that concerns you.
Find and contact your local MP or councillor by using – or