North Devon community support hub

The council runs a community support hub to ensure the most vulnerable residents get the support they need

Phoneline: 01884 234387 (Mon –Fri 9am –5pm) or complete an online form to request help.  The online form is monitored seven days a week so a response can be made to urgent requests for help.

Community support

The council has published a list of community support in each part of North Devon.

People who cannot afford to buy food may be able to get help from Northern Devon foodbank.

Help to pay council tax

Council Tax Reduction is available for people on a low income to help them pay their council tax.  From 1 April 2020 North Devon has a new Income Band Council Tax Reduction Scheme for people of working age.  Depending on their income and household size, they may qualify for a reduction of between 16% and 80% of the full amount.

Where people of working age qualify for Council Tax Reduction, their annual bill will be reduced by a further £150 in 2020/21.

For people of pension age, entitlement is based on a national means-tested scheme and can reduce the amount of council tax payable by up to 100%.

The council also has an Exceptional Hardship Fund for people who are still struggling to pay their council tax and experiencing financial hardship even after any reductions are applied.

See the council tax section of the council’s website for details of other council tax discounts and exemptions, as well as details of how to pay council tax.

Discretionary housing payments

If Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs does not fully cover a person’s rent, they can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment.